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Auto Glass Repair Reviews in Capitol Heights, Maryland

"excellent work, courteous, and inexpensive: vandals busted out a fixed back side window - in Alexandria, go figure - and I searched high and low for someone that had used replacement glass for a lower-budget replacement. These guys came through when five or six other places told us it wasn't possible, that they'd have to order it and it'd be weeks. Also very expesive. I was amazed at Advance's speed and their very reasonable price. They located a new one for only a few dollars more than used, but the distributor had the wrong side in the box, so actual installation took a little longer than expected - they had to go to another place to get the used glass I was looking for to begin with. I'll be going back next time I need anything - no more searching!"

- James M.
I went there due to rock hitting my windshield. I had spoken to Charles on the phone who was very kind and helpful. They were able to fit me in fast. I got there and two people inspected the damage and both told me that it was a minor chip that did not need to be fixed. They could have easily attempted to fix it..charged me..And made the chip into a crack..but they were honest with me. Honest establishments are hard to find.. So I would definitely recommend them to everyone.

- Moxie B.
So I'm driving on the highway heading to the ikea to browse because I just got the catalog and I'm nosey and I like to touch stuff. Anyway, I'm driving along, cruising and I be damn if a rock didn't hit the corner of my window and send a crack right across the driver side of my window. So now I'm pissed, to hell with ikea cause it's their fault the rock broke my window. Gotta blame someone else right lol cause I was furious. So I get home and I call my insurance company because sure enough this is cover by insurance right...WRONG. They was going to fix it until I had to pay the $300 deductible. Oh hell nah. So I start to think well maybe I can send DDOT the bill but rocks are considered a road hazard and they assume no liability. So the blame was back on ikea. I got on Yelp and being to look for the closet I tried to call safelite (anyone else hear the jingle too lol) but they had me on hold forever and I just couldn't wait any longer. So I found this place. The owner was nice, gave me use of the free wifi and begin fixed my window right way. The inside of the shop is comfortable with two nice couches and cable tv. Couldn't get comfy to long as they were done quickly. Paid with my debit card as they do take cash and credit cards. And I was out the door. Hopefully I won't be back but if I had to, I'd use it again.

- Biohazzard D.
Recently, during a storm, a large branch landed on my car window and broke the windshield. I needed to find someone quickly and nearby to replace that glass, and started checking my yellow pages. I randomly chose Advance Auto Glass and they came out in short order, replaced my windwhield, the cost was far less than I had expected and was willing to pay. The serviceman was courteous and worked quickly and cleanly.

- Karen B.